Express Yourself with Slow Fashion by Montaigne

Over the past decade, we have observed many trends come and go; this is not the case with Montaigne. At Va Voom & Co, we offer a tailored collection of dresses, tops and skirts from this Australian design brand. Furthermore, each article of clothing in this line is mindfully crafted in Italy from sustainable linen. Meaning you’re doing your part when it comes to minimising the impact of fashion.

Why Choose Montaigne Clothing

Designed and produced on the premise of slow fashion and sustainability, Montaigne is the name in affordable quality linen garments made to last. Worn on their own or styled with layers, these everyday pieces are designed for all shapes and sizes. In addition, most Montaigne garments come with secret pockets, because we all deserve pockets.

  • An eco-journey in every plant. Linen is a more sustainable fabric as it naturally requires less water and energy than cotton and human-made fibres to produce. As a bast fibre, linen is made from the stem of the flaxseed plant. In contrast, the seeds can be ground to yield flaxseed meal or pressed to make linseed oils.
  • Made with care. The story behind each garment is an ode to slow fashion. In addition to being a ‘greener’ fabric, each garment is made by hand. Slow fashion refers to the manufacturing process in which machines do not produce clothing. This process ultimately gives each garment increased longevity as it is well made. That’s why all Montaigne designs are crafted to be transeasonal, get better with age and offer effortless style.

About Va Voom & Co

We are a boutique clothing, accessory and homeware store offering a tailored range of trendy and classic brand labels for every wardrobe. Find the right piece for you, and browse our collection now or contact us for more information.


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